Tattoo nr 1: Down the rabbit hole

I adore tattoos. I really do. It’s one of the most beautiful art forms, Marking your skin with something with meaning. Permanently. Wearing a part of you forever, open for the world to see. Lovely. So I’m going to put up some of the ones that I love.  Most are from wehearit.

I love the motif, style and color of this one. The rabbit and pocket watch are so beautifully drawn. I love Alice in Wonderland, and I love the soft take on it. The roses are out of this world. They’re a pastel raspberry pink. Honestly, that shade makes me melt. I adore this tattoo.

I want to see your face and know I’ve made it home.

All Time Low is seriously the only thing that gives me comfort right now. Take away the pain. A soothing balm to my aching soul.

Strange maze, what is this place?
I hear voices over my shoulder,
Nothing’s making sense at all.
Wonder, why do we race?
When everyday we’re runnin’ in circles,
Such a funny way to fall.
Tried to open up my eyes,
I’m hopin’ for a chance to make it alright.