Polar Bear.

I have a new old friend. I re-discovered him while looking through our main closet, a little friend. He’s a polar bear with a red, knitted sweater with snowflakes and a logo on it and a coke in his hand…err, paw. He has dark brown, slanted eyes and a black nose. I call him Michael, because he reminds me of Michael Cera. He has the softest, white fur, and when I bury my head in it, I feel home. I wasn’t much for teddy bears when I was little, so I guess that impulse is coming in a bit later than other cases. I really love it though. My little, new-old friend.

Tattoo nr 5: Protect me from the monsters

This is such a sweet tattoo. It really captures how we, no matter if we’re children or adults, essentially want to be protected from the monsters in the world, whether it’s the one under your bed or the one inside you. Innocence is a stronger shield than you’d think.