I remember how it took you down, as the winter turned the meadow brown.

Tune of the day CXLII.

I don’t want the summer to ever end. Can I have my invincible été now, please? Okay, so it has to. It will. Soon. Well, can I at least be assured a nice fall? A bearable winter? No? Alright then, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us
Footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

How did any holes in the snow tipped pines, I find
Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

Brother you don’t need to turn me away
I was waiting down at the ancient gate

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

I remember how they took you down
As the winter turned the meadow brown

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

When I’m walking brother don’t you forget
It ain’t often you’ll ever find a friend

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today 


Coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine.


As you might have guessed, school’s over and I’m free. Finally, after all those, dark, seemingly endless hours of school, it’s done. So what have I been doing to celebrate my newfound freedom? Well, pretty much nothing. I’ve spent the past week, save for one day, doing nothing. Just moping around. It’s like a post-school depression. Except that can’t be right, can it? No, I think it’s the fact that I’ve been so used to having to do stuff that I just turned into brainless goo once I had the chance to do whatever I want. But I think I’m over that funk now. I’m bored, and I want to make the most of my summer break, because I know that I’ll regret it majorly if I don’t. Oh, and since I’ve (obviously) got the time, I’m going to get my shit together and update more often. Might give me something to look back on and reminisce about during the coming winter. Yeah, so anyways, I’m ready for the summer now. Woho. Or whatever.

Tune of the day what the fuck ever…alright, CXXXVII. Can’t be that stand-offish. It’s a classic, and it’s hella catchy. Kind of like I want my summer to be. But in a period of time, and not song, way. Yep.

Open up my eager eyes, ’cause I’m (in my case) Ms. Brightside.


As I drag my feet tiredly, further marking the path I’ve walked my whole life, I think of nothing – my mind not a blank sheet, open to the world, but a torn one, tattered and worn with all the erased thoughts. I walk with my head facing the ground, hanging heavy with the labor of living. I watch, but don’t see. Until something cuts through my vision. A sharp flash of light.

I stop and stare. Little water puddles reflecting the sky. Like little shards of heaven, fallen to the ground. Seeing the clouds down instead of up, such a bizarre sight. I reach down to touch them, to feel the soft smoke puffs of white ghost through my hand. Instead of dry, I am met with wet. Instead of pure, I am met with soil. The illusion shatters.

An invisible stone of reality hitting the mirror of possibilities. For a moment, I am sad. A light breeze runs through my hair, making the strands waltz around my face. I look up and smile, seeing the endless sky, intact and complete. It gives me hope. Hope that the summer is on its way, bringing the gift of breathing. Oh, how I miss breathing.

Note: This <- is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats

Tune of the day CXXXI.

With only one verse, it makes me think of a forest. A tale of red and white. Of night and day. Of moon and sun. Of winter and summer.

(I hadn’t seen the video till now. After the initial shock, it brought a smile to my face to know that my vision and interpretation is shared so closely. What a lovely way to see it come to life.)

With scarves of red tied around their throats
To keep their little heads
From falling in the snow
And I turned around and there you go
And, Michael, you would fall
And turn the white snow red as strawberries
In the summertime 

I felt a slip into a watery grave.

Tune of the day CVI.

I’m posting a song that is about the summer, by a band whose name includes a month that is in the middle of winter, because I think that it fits in with my day – which made me think of spring. Does that make sense? The song does remind me of spring though, with traces of the cold, that is not yet left behind, and gleams of the light, that will soon begin to spread the word of it’s forthcoming arrival.

Summer arrives with a length of lights
Summer blows away
And quietly gets swallowed by a wave
It gets swallowed by a wave

Bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands. Good news will work its way to all them plans.

Yeah, so…uhm…hi?

Work’s finished, finally. It’s kind of bittersweet, cause it’s been fun and all, but at the same time, I finally get to fucking rest. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I’m savoring the feeling to the fullest. Already making a bunch of plans for the summer, most of it including not having any specific plans. Oh, the irony. But yeah, it’s great. I’m fucking free. Yes, sweet victory. I feel really antsy now, waiting for the summer to begin. Waiting for something to happen. I know I’ll likely be waiting the entire time but I just can’t help it. Anticipation. Yes, that’s the feeling I have. Oh well, I know that we’ll all float on anyway…

Yeah, that last sentence was a, not so subtle, nod to the Tune of the Day. Modest Mouse always makes me feel light and chill about everything, even though the music is quite cynical. I guess it works for me, cause I’m like that too. Yah, so here it is:

Modest Mouse – Float On

(We heart it)

And we’ll all float on okay…