Am I falling asleep? Is it all just a dream?

Tune of the day CVII.

It was featured in a heartbreaking scene of Skins, and it just tore me up. I got tears in my eyes. The whole thing was devestatingly moving. Oh, and also, the song itself. It’s achingly beautiful.

I can see it all tonight
Underneath a perfect sky
Where the universe revolves around
The pupil of an eye

And infinities stretch out
From infinities within
I’m a part of everything,
I’m a part of everything

Am I falling asleep?
Is it all just a dream?
Well, the cars are like water
And the road is like a stream

Rolling down through the city,
Flowing out into the sea
Going nowhere like me,
Going nowhere like me

When the morning starts to glow
Out in the corners of the sky
And the people come and go,
And the time just passes by

Then I’m only gonna see it
From the corner of my eye
When the planet spins it sings
Like the wings of a dragonfly

Flirts and skins.


turned in my health report a couple of hours ago, and the relief was immense. This leaves me with one burden less to think about. Of course, I’ll probably gain ten more tomorrow, but I don’t have to worry about that until later. My very eventful night has consisted of finishing the first series of Skins. The UK version, of course. I was a bit sceptic at first, just because it didn’t strike me as a show of much depth. I quickly realized that I was wrong. It’s brilliant. Truly brilliant. I look forward to watching the following, fortunately several, series.

This was kind of a Phreckles day. We were using the computers in class, working on our biology reports (see, already another burden), and a friend had chosen to write about the sexual behavior of different animals. She was reading an article about flirting and left the computer. I went over to see was she was looking at and just cracked up laughing when I read the cheesy shit that was written. People asked me what I was laughing at so I decided to read an excerpt out loud. It had to do with playing with your hair and, my personal favorite, looking behind you and giving the object of your desire a flirtatious smile. Yes, all those clichés. So I look across the classroom, the desks are facing each other in a weird way, and see Phreckles smiling at me. Naturally, I feel embarrassed and look down smiling. For some reason, I was smiling and twirling my hair to myself the rest of that lesson. I wonder why.

Second part of the Phreckles day was that I suddenly, an hour ago or so, felt my fingers itching. I got this, unsettlingly strong, urge to call him. To just find his number some (stalkerish) way and call him. Then my mind caught up with my racing heart and reminded me that I’d just sit there with the phone to my ear, hearing him saying “Hello? Hello?” Just sitting there, silent. Which would be creepy and, again, stalkerish. So I dropped that idea pretty quickly. Still, it would be nice. Maybe some day? Possibly? Hopefully.

Love & zombies