Look after me, I dwell in the night
In the dark of the shadows, I feel no fright
But do not be confused, I am a creature of light
Many years ago, I forgot what was right
But do not pity me, I try with all my might
To climb and face the most wuthering height
Despite my heart being wound so tight
I will try my best, for it is my plight
To gather up the courage and use the sight
To face my demons, to fight, fight, fight
To stop acting like a creature of night
Yes, in the light of day, I will feel no fright

Rhyming to pass the time.

I was just sitting and listening to some music when Little Lion Man (by Mumford and Sons) came on shuffle. Not thinking, I scribbled down a line and then just continued writing rhyming sentences. Fun little game when you don’t have anything better to do.

Weep little lion man, you’re not as brave as you were at the start.
Just admit it, you forgot how it was to play the part.
Even though you secretly stayed up all night making a chart.
What used to taste so sweet and right is now nothing but tart.
Take your wounded pride, push it away in your sad, sad cart.
Darling, you knew you were lost when you saw, barreling towards you, that abominable dart.
So hurry little lion man, before it’s too late, run and save your heart.