Readers, are you there?

Several years have passed since I first started this thing, and I’ve come a long way, but there’s still something I hardly know anything about – you guys. If you exist, that is. Write me a little something about yourself in the comments? Or something random, whichever is fine. It’d just make everything a little more real, you know?

Still it’s a shock, shock to your soft side. Summer moon, can’t you shut eye.

Kay, so, I have one question: Is anyone there? I have apparently had a little over 100 views on this bloody blog, and all I have to prove that is a single freaking pingback….what the hell is that, anyways? Do I actually have readers, or have 100 people accidentally stumbled upon this blog? If there is someone out there that actually reads my posts by their own volition, could you let me know? A comment with the word “Hello” or “Hi” would suffice. Just some sign so I know you’re out there. And if you want to…could you…maybe…write something of more substance? It could be anything, write about yourself, how you found my blog, what you like about it, or even what you dislike. It could be a lovely poem, a funny story or a music rec. Anything really. That would be nice. But not crucial. Like a said, a sign of life is enough. Kthnxbye…I kid, I kid. Have a lovely evening. Buttering you up? Me? No way *ironic wink*.

Tune of the Day, a lulling, calm song by a group I like very much. The most obvious side is the more aggressive, dance songs, but I truly do love their slower songs as well. I prefer the acoustic version…today, but do listen to the original one as well, it’s just as lovely. Here it is:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Soft Shock

It’s the time, it’s the day, don’t leave me. It’s the time, it’s the place, don’t leave me out…