We’re teenagers

Hola amigos,

I’ve been relatively busy this week. And by busy, I mean that I’ve actually had things to do besides just being in the bat cave (also known as my room). I think it’s highly ironic that I’ve spent the majority of the break doing nothing and then suddenly, when I only have a week left, my calendar is booked.

Today, I was in the city with two friends, just roaming around and then grabbing a bit to eat. It was nice, but I felt strange. I was on edge, looking around. It didn’t dawn on me until later – I was looking for Phreckles. Everywhere I looked, I saw reminders of him. I saw a redheaded boy, around the same height, from behind and instantly, my hopes raised. Until I realized the shade was all wrong, he didn’t have that strange mix of cinnamon and copper. Another one wore a checkered dress shirt under a knitted sweater. Someone had the exact same shade of azure in his eyes. Then it got a bit sad. I felt like Fate was messing with me, just because I saw some dude with a random cap that didn’t even resemble one of Phreckles’. But it was a cap. This went on the entire time, and at the end of the day, I wanted to slap myself for being so pathetic.

So now I’m sitting at home, laughing at myself as I’m writing this post. Thinking about what’s happening tomorrow. I’m going out to eat with some friends in the evening, but before that, me and my friend are going into the city again. Do some shopping. Maybe. Hopefully. And now I realize that I’ll probably spend the whole day looking for him again. Sad? Me? No.

Love & Ninjas