I want you so bad, can you feel it too? You know I’m so, I’m so in love with you.

Uhm, hello. So, as you may have noticed, I changed my header (and little pic on the side). Now, I don’t want to get banned for stealing or any other of that crazy stuff, so I better give credit to its rightful owner. The, very pretty, picture of the Corpse Bride was made by Alicechan, so check out her gallery to see more of her work. The pic with the  quote had a link written on it, but apparently that link was removed. So, the only credit I can give is to Weheartit, where I found it. Yeah, so now I’ve done everything I can, and won’t go to virtual prison. Yay me.

Tune of the Day, a song I chose simply because it’s good. This is a perfect example of a song I sing…no, actually, scream along with while thrashing around on the floor. Basically, the kind of song that makes you go batshit. In a good way:

Metro Station – Kelsey

(Oh and just on a sidenote, the thrashing mentioned in this post only occurs when I’m by myself. It would be highly dangerous if some one happened to be in close proximity while I’m in ‘the zone’. Limbs flailing and all. Not to mention, they could go deaf. Doesn’t sound so pleasant, does it? Never said it was. Still hella fun though.)

I’m out