I could sleep forever these days, because in my dreams I see you again

Term of the day: La petite mort

Okay, so that’s not really the focus of this post, but since it’s mentioned, I might as well write a little about it. The direct translation of La petite mort is the Little death. It’s in french, if you didn’t get that, and it’s basically an expression for the word…orgasm. To me, a girl with little…actually zero experience, orgasm screams (literally, ha ha) awkwardness. For some reason my mind automatically goes to pornography, which is even more awkward. Anyways, la petite mort sounds so much…bigger. Like something grand and dramatic. A small death sounds gut-wrenching. Which, from what I’ve heard, is the same thing that describes the…climax (God, it’s awkward to even write about it in an anonymous blog). So I think, this alternative term fits the act so much better than what is used today.

But, this wasn’t really what I wanted to write about today. I was looking through my documents and files and found one called Pretty. And in it, there was this quote, from an unnamed source:

“I was dead from love’s bliss; I lay buried in her arms; I was wakened by her kisses; I saw heaven in her eyes.”

Pretty indeed, I thought. So what did I decide to do? That’s right boys and girls, I wikied that shit. And for some reason I came to a wiki-page about something called Liebesträume. My first thought was, that’s a fucking odd word. Turns out, it means dreams of love in German, I thought it was very pretty and now have a new-found respect for the German language for having a word for that.

So, Liebesträume is a set of three solo piano works by Franz Liszt. The songs are made from poems, which I thought was lovely. Each piece is about a certain form of love. The first is about saintly, or religious, love. The second is about erotic love, and here is where my little quote comes in (as a part of the piece), and the third is about unconditional mature love. I thought this set sounded beautiful and found it pleasing that I found a pretty random quote, which lead me to more beautiful things. So, ofc, I wanted to share it with you. And yes, the cheese-factor is going through the roof, your point?

It’s beautiful, about love, albeit in a more tragic way (death, and such things), and has some piano in it. It’s no Liebesträume, but I love it anyways. This is the acoustic version, which I prefer immensely over the original one.      Tune of the Day:

Bloc Party – Signs

Two ravens in an old oak tree, one for you and one for me. And bluebells in the late december, I see signs now all the time…