Paper rectangles and small metal discs…

A couple of hours ago, I was watching this british documentary/reality show where some kids, ages 8-12, are put in a house together and have to fend for themselves. It’s really disturbing, but very interesting. In this episode, the kids got some money to go buy food and there was this one boy who did a mini-rant, saying that he doesn’t understand how money works. That boy really got me thinking.

Money is such a strange thing. It’s really just paper rectangles and small metal discs with important people’s faces on them. With these, physically trivial, things, we can have almost anything in the entire world.  Money is power, but why? Granted, money is a pretty nifty thing, and without it the world would be in a constant state of chaos, but that’ s because of the general human mindset today. The human being is dependant on money by choice. Without money, we can’t survive, but this is because we’ve made it so. As a species, Homo sapiens sapiens does not need money. We don’t live off of it. Experts always talk about the strength of man, how we’re on the top of the biological hierarchy, also known as the food chain, but we are just as weak as the  animals. In fact, we’re weaker. We’re slaves under paper rectangles and small metal discs. At least animals depend on things that are physically necessary for their survival. I don’t think this can be changed. We haven’t done this, it’s the work done by our ancestors. Thousands of years worth of generations that together have spun this web, and with every generation, we have gotten more and more caught up in it. We’re contributing to it right now, because we don’t have a choice anymore. It’s too late.