Spring Break.

Hello everyone,

just thought I’d tell you about all the things I’ve done these past couple of days. This is my spring break (thus far), in a short manner, in no specific order. I have…

  • Made a summer playlist with over a hundred songs on iTunes.
  • Intended to visit a couple of museums with Succumb, instead ending up doing what we always do.
  • Bought nail polish that I later noted are the colors of each Powerpuff girl. Oh, and midnight blue as well.
  • Painted my nails in one of the colors mentioned above. Bubbles’, I guess.
  • Argued with Mother over whether I actually have the color of the sky on my fingers. Needless to say, I was victorious.
  • Baked the vegan equivalent of apple pie. A rather delicious equivalent, I might add. This was done while listening to earlier mentioned summer playlist.
  • Taken a bubble bath with the songs from So Wrong It’s Right (by All Time Low) playing in the background. Not very relaxing, but that wasn’t really what I was going for.
  • Made myself a tumblr. You can find it here. Effectivizing (dunno if that’s a real word, but don’t care) my blog browsing.
  • Ordered a white lace dress, along with two of my absolute favorite high-waisted jeans from Topshop. I eagerly await my package.
  • Spent my nights huddled up with my laptop, watching movies I’ve always wanted to see, but never had the time to. Including, but not limiting to, Adventureland, 500 Days of Summer and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The last shocking the bejeezus out of me.
  • Sat in a park with a friend, soaking up the sun and listening to the Xx. And Florence + the Machine of course.
  • Taken photos with my beloved Bellamy (the iPhone).
  • Played ballerina, flailing around in the living room.
  • Dreamt of a certain someone.
Granted, I have more than half of my break left, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve accomplished these past few days. Tomorrow, I’m heading into the city, and the day after that, I’m taking my precious god-daughter to see some sort of animated film. I’m definitely going to paint some eggs as well. Easter time and all. And I have to throw in some meat-eating around sunday as well. No big deal. It’s not like I’ve been living as a pseudo-vegan the last month and a half. Yeah, so that’ll be fun.

Stay seventeen, part deux

Like I said, I want to document my thoughts so I can look back on my life when I’ve forgotten this. Therefore, I think it’s important that I document my whole day, that seems to have taken a positive turn. Since I wrote the last post, I’ve gotten a lot of love from all of the people who matter. Seriously, it warms my heart to know that the people I care for return the sentiment. It’s safe to say, that I feel very content at the moment.

A special shout out to my partner in weightlessness. She’s the only person I can tell anything to:

Words Without Walls <—– here it is, a blog full of nothing but quality

Oh, and another thing, I’m going there: HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? If you read my blog, you need to comment. Cause I can’t figure out how come I get viewers every day and yet, not a single comment. It is kinda funny though.

Faith, Trust & a little Pixie Dust

And the rest of our lives would have fared well.

Reminiscing with an old friend  over hot cocoa is the best. Sitting in a coffee shop, warm and cozy . Speaking about the good times, completely forgetting about the bad ones.  Thinking to yourself that you hadn’t realized how much you’d missed this particular person until that moment when you hug and realize your squeezing so tight it’s borderline painful. Wondering at what point you started considering this friend as ‘old’. Getting angry at yourself for waiting over a year to meet and silently promising that it won’t happen again. Feeling scared that you might be lying to yourself. Forgetting it when that person tells you something particularly funny only that person would say.  Like a reassurance that it isn’t over. We haven’t forgotten and we won’t. And then you look out the window, see the shivering people and practically feel the cold biting your cheeks. You see the street you walked down so many times during the summer and think to yourself that it looks different. You realize, time constantly passes and things follow, without exception. It all always changes and that’s okay.

The Shins – New Slang

Love & Green Dragons