It certainly seems infinite.

Hi friendsters,

Yesterday,  I saw a documentary about the origin of the universe. Every time I hear about these things, I end up feeling overwhelmed. Baffled. Stunned. In awe. One of the (many) goosebump-inducing moments was when some science dude said that they had used Hubble (which is probably the most awesome material object I have heard of) to observe what would happen to this miniscule, empty, black spot in space. There were a million  things around it, but that particular dot in the universe consisted of nothing. When observing the spot of black, the scientists witnessed a hundred thousand galaxies emerge. One hundred thousand galaxies. 100 000. In a tiny spot in the seemingly infinite universe. A hundred thousand galaxies that each have an uncountable number of astronomical objects. It makes me feel incredibly small. Tiny. Insignificant. But it’s also comforting.

This brings a whole new definition to the phrase “the possibilities are endless”. Because they virtually are. Who knows what’s out there? I have to say that it would feel very self-righteous for me to say that life only exists here on earth. The universe is so big. I can’t say that I know that there’s life, but with the possibilities – why wouldn’t there be life somewhere else? There has to be some place (among a gazillion) that have the conditions that are necessary for life to exist, probably not life in our definition, but life in some form.

The continuing theme throughout the documentary was the fact that we humans know so little. There is so much to explore. Apparently, there is this unknown force and matter in space that affect it greatly. Scientists have named these things dark energy and dark matter and even though they know that they have a huge impact, they can’t define it. At all. And together, dark energy and dark matter make up about 95 % of the universe. That’s a lot.

There was one thing I was kind of mulling over. We’re all taught that the universe is constantly expanding, right? It just keeps getting bigger and takes up more and more room, like a balloon that you keep blowing up. But what is it that the universe is occupying more space of? It’s like there’s the balloon, but what’s outside of the balloon? In this case, I would generally guess even more space, but isn’t that expanding too? What’s outside of space and how come we can take up more and more space? Me being me, I start to think of dimensions. Maybe our world has expanded over several dimensions, because one wasn’t big enough? What if you enter another dimension when you reach a certain part in space? This is some seriously complicated shit.

To sum it all up: We hardly know anything at all. We probably won’t get all the answers. But we can, and most certainly will, keep trying. And isn’t that oh so very exciting?

love & toy machines