No et moi

“I don’t care if there are several worlds in the same world and that you should stay in your world. I don’t want my world to be a subset A that completely lacks connection to other worlds (B, C or D), that my world should be a closed circle on the blackboard, an empty subset. I would rather be somewhere else, follow a straight line that leads to a place where the worlds communicate with each other and overlap each other, where the lines can be exceeded, where life is linear, without interruption, where things don’t suddenly stop without a reason, where the most important moments are delivered with a manual (risk level, functions with net or battery, predictable life length) and required equipment (airbag, GPS, emergency brake assistance).”

A (roughly) translated excerpt from the book I’m currently reading. The original title is No et moi, and it’s written by Delphine de Vigan. This book is freaking awesome, thoroughly entertaining and quite touching. The protagonist is adorable, she reminds me of a young, petite, wise yet innocent pixie à la Alice Cullen. I’ve only read about half and I’ve already felt skittish, sorrowed, angered, bemused, terrified, disgusted, hopeful and joyous. It’s safe to say, it’s a memorable book.

This reminds me of Lou Bertignac quite a bit…the sense of innocence. It was done by the very talented Deviant nancy0039. <– Visit her page, she deserves all the attention she can get.