So, I’ve been thinking about writing lately. I’ve always written but I didn’t realize, until recently, how much I enjoy it. I’ve been thinking about spending my summer writing, maybe get started on my first story. These days, my fingers are practically itching for it. I just want to write. All the time. I realized I have practically no experience in writing seriously, and then I started doubting myself. I mean, what if I really suck? No use in even trying then. So I decided to get some help, have someone read one of my texts and tell me what they think. I read this blog, Rocknrollercoaster (Such an awesome name. Actually, such an awesome blog. You should read go read it. It exceeds mine in every way.) and thought I’d ask Mark, the dude running it, because I know he’s a good writer and wouldn’t bullshit me. So I did, and he shared his opinion. It really gave me the confidence to actually try this thing. It made me so happy, and I just want to put it here so I have it. For rainy days, you know?

Yeah so here is Mark’s response to the post “Haunted.”, that I wrote the other night. Just scroll down a bit. Or click here if you’re too lazy.

“Seems like you and I could be like writing twins or something, that story seems like one I would totally write about, because it’s something I experience a lot, and can relate to. We also seem to have a similar style when it comes to writing creatively. We both employ a lot of descriptive words and an apparent use of assonance. I also like your use of fragmentation.

I know you’re probably looking for critique probably and not so much praise, but honestly I don’t think I can critique something when it’s written at a level at or above what I would be able to write myself. It is very well-written, I think I’ll keep track of that blog and check out some more of your stuff.

You do a great job describing the experience of seemingly being engulfed and taken over by the demons in your head… Like the feeling of being unoccupied with anything around you so you get lost in your own thoughts, which eventually become negative, and struggling to bring some positivity into your mind. Once the demons are expelled, you know they’ll be back, but the temporary relief from them is a nice feeling… a big weight off the shoulders.

It’s something I experience often, just about everyday, so I think I’m a pretty credible critic on the subject. ^_^

P.S. I like the title. Very appropriate and Chuck Palahniuk-esque.”

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be stoked, you know you would be. I’m ecstatic.