You must have lost your wits, yeah.

Tune of the day CXLIII.

School starts the day after tomorrow. I have zero expectations, and stronger feelings about the shoes I’m buying come pay-check – stoked as beep. I’ll probably blog more, because apparently, even though my life gets killed by school, my thoughts flourish. Kind of like fertilizer, it makes my mind grow…but when it comes down to it, it’s still shit. Ha ha.

This song is awesome, I just recently discovered the band. I’m really glad I did. The lyrics are a little relevant. Or a lot.

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You’d better run, better run, faster than my bullet

I remember how it took you down, as the winter turned the meadow brown.

Tune of the day CXLII.

I don’t want the summer to ever end. Can I have my invincible été now, please? Okay, so it has to. It will. Soon. Well, can I at least be assured a nice fall? A bearable winter? No? Alright then, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us
Footsteps follow, down through the hollow sound, torn up

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

How did any holes in the snow tipped pines, I find
Hatching from the seed of your thin mind, all night?

And you will go to Mykonos
With a vision of a gentle coast
And a sun to maybe dissipate
Shadows of the mess you made

Brother you don’t need to turn me away
I was waiting down at the ancient gate

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

I remember how they took you down
As the winter turned the meadow brown

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today

When I’m walking brother don’t you forget
It ain’t often you’ll ever find a friend

You go
Wherever you go today
You go today 


And if a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

Tune of the day CXL.

Just hearing the very first line for the very first time made me want to cry. This is such an amazing song. One of those gems. And I’ve chosen to post two versions of it, mainly because I couldn’t decide which I wanted on her, but also because I’ll be seeing both Dum Dum Girls and the legendary Morrissey (former lead singer of The Smiths) this week. I’m losing my music festival virginity. Color me fucking stoked.

Yeah so, even though I’m posting two versions, you don’t actually have to listen to both. There are like a gazillion covers of this song, but the only one I could find by girls, and coincidentally the best one imo, was this one. Add the fact that Dum Dum Girls are awesome, and you have a winning concept. The result is a rougher, rockier version of the original. I love the juxtaposition of the raw instrumentals and Dee Dee’s melodical voice. And the fact that it’s an all girl band makes it that much more badass. However, the original is the original. And The Smith’s version is just heavenly, soft and strong and dreamy and angsty all at the same time. 90’s music at its best (well it was released twice, once in 1986 and again as a single in 1992, so it’s actually straddling the line between the decades. But I still think that it feels like a 90’s song). So just pick which one you’d rather hear and click play. Though it would make me extra-super-duper happy if you listened to both. Naturally.

Take me out tonight
Where there's music and there's people
Who are young and alive

I fell behind on my nightly four-course meal of rainbow pills.

Tune of the day CXXXIX.

I love Say Anything, and I love this song. It feels a little schizophrenic, like three songs in one, which is a good thing. Oh, and also, it’s about being in a mental clinic. What’s not to love about that? Although I’m feeling kind of bitter about everything that has to do with Hayley Williams right now, her part is awesome.

Oh, do you remember me? is your mind that worn?
We both were born to be one with that which the public scorned
Though you were forlorn in despair with your drugs and your hardcore porn
Trust me, those days won`t be mourned
So lay your head on me

Company Calls Epilogue

Tune of the day CXXXVIII.

It was actually pretty hard for me to decide on which version of this song I’d post as TotD, but after a little pondering, I decided that, as much as I love the original one, this alternate one – with an ‘epilogue’ suitingly added to the title – is my preference. It’s sad, and beautiful. My heart sighs.

Synapse to synapse, the possibility’s thin
I’m dressed up for free drinks
And family greetings on your wedding
Your wedding
Your wedding date
The figures in plastic
On the wedding cake
That I took
Were so real

And I kept a distance
The complications cloud
The postcards and blips through fiberoptics
As the girls with the pigtails
Were running from little boys wearing bow ties
Their parent bought them
I’ll catch you this time

Crashing through the parlor doors
What was your first reaction?
Screaming, drunk, disorderly
I’ll tell you mine

You were the one
But I can’t spit it out
When the date’s been set
The white routine to be ingested inaccurately

Synapse to synapse
The sneaky kids had attached beer cans
To the bumper so they could drive
Up and down the main drag
People would turn to see
Who’s making the racket
It’s not the first time

When they lay down
The fish will swim upstream
And I’ll contest but they won’t listen
When the casualty rate’s near 100%
And there isn’t a pension for second best
Or for hardly moving

Crashing through the parlor doors
What was your first reaction?
Screaming, drunk, disorderly
I’ll tell you mine

You are the one
But i can’t spit it out when the date’s been set
The white routine to be ingested inaccurately

Coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine.


As you might have guessed, school’s over and I’m free. Finally, after all those, dark, seemingly endless hours of school, it’s done. So what have I been doing to celebrate my newfound freedom? Well, pretty much nothing. I’ve spent the past week, save for one day, doing nothing. Just moping around. It’s like a post-school depression. Except that can’t be right, can it? No, I think it’s the fact that I’ve been so used to having to do stuff that I just turned into brainless goo once I had the chance to do whatever I want. But I think I’m over that funk now. I’m bored, and I want to make the most of my summer break, because I know that I’ll regret it majorly if I don’t. Oh, and since I’ve (obviously) got the time, I’m going to get my shit together and update more often. Might give me something to look back on and reminisce about during the coming winter. Yeah, so anyways, I’m ready for the summer now. Woho. Or whatever.

Tune of the day what the fuck ever…alright, CXXXVII. Can’t be that stand-offish. It’s a classic, and it’s hella catchy. Kind of like I want my summer to be. But in a period of time, and not song, way. Yep.

Open up my eager eyes, ’cause I’m (in my case) Ms. Brightside.