Deathly Hallows.

I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, and it was…very interesting to say the least. I’ll start with the “before” part first, because well, I want to remember that. We watched part 1 at my place first, and I have to say, I was more antsy than anything. I just wanted to get to the theater as fast as possible and see how it all ended. The anxiety, joy, nervousness, excitement and grief didn’t come until later. I guess I didn’t fully grasp what was actually happening.

Anyways, so we get there three hours early, and have two freaking hours to kill when we’re done eating. We spent the first half hour just looking around and trying to spot who was an HP fan and who just came for the food. We came to the conclusion that we were the only ones and started freaking out. That freaking out was for the lack of fans. Then they arrived. And cue freaking out over the actual presence of fans. Sure, we we’re kind of expecting the costumes, but it was different seeing it in real life. And I mean really different. There was a freaking Voldemort, for goodness’ sake! They were all walking around, looking all nerdy, and then we were bummed. Because we wanted to be nerdy too. The solution ended up being to…well, not give a fuck, and just make a joke out of it. A loving joke. I drew a lightning bolt on my forehead with lipstick and I (not-so) vaguely recall a wand being made out of straws. It was fun. Of course, we realized that nothing mattered once the movie started, but that wasn’t until later.

Which brings us to the actual movie. Let’s get serious for a while here. That was the most amazing film that has ever been made. And it probably will be for all eternity, because honestly – how can you top that? It was the perfect ending of the best story that has ever been told. I am in awe of how good that movie was, and I feel so incredibly honored to have been a part of it. To actually have experienced it from the beginning, until the end. And what an ending it was. That was exactly what HP deserved. Had the ending been just a tad less than what it was, I would have been completely devastated. But now I didn’t get a chance to get angry, because how could I demand more than the perfect ending it actually got? No words can properly describe that movie, but the one that comes closest is perfection. And I mean it literally. Flawless. And I cried and I cried and I cried. I mourned the deaths of the characters I’d come to love, and I cried with joy over the fact that the war finally ended. They got peace. And it was with this that I could finally get peace. I had finally realized that it really wasn’t the end, it couldn’t be even if I wanted it to. It’s a part of me, and it will be forever. Just as the story will live on forever. So all I have to say the story of Harry Potter is thank you.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.