Am I falling asleep? Is it all just a dream?

Tune of the day CVII.

It was featured in a heartbreaking scene of Skins, and it just tore me up. I got tears in my eyes. The whole thing was devestatingly moving. Oh, and also, the song itself. It’s achingly beautiful.

I can see it all tonight
Underneath a perfect sky
Where the universe revolves around
The pupil of an eye

And infinities stretch out
From infinities within
I’m a part of everything,
I’m a part of everything

Am I falling asleep?
Is it all just a dream?
Well, the cars are like water
And the road is like a stream

Rolling down through the city,
Flowing out into the sea
Going nowhere like me,
Going nowhere like me

When the morning starts to glow
Out in the corners of the sky
And the people come and go,
And the time just passes by

Then I’m only gonna see it
From the corner of my eye
When the planet spins it sings
Like the wings of a dragonfly

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