Embedded in my chest and it hurts to hold

You mean that much to me
And it’s hard to show
Gets hectic inside of me
When you go

I came so close this time. So close to feeling good. Proud. Euphoric. I came so close to feeling satisfied. So close. But not close enough. I was bitter about it at first, feeling like nothing will be enough. Feeling like there’s no use in even trying. Then I thought about how it would feel if I got there, and suddenly, the thoughts changed to when I get there. Next time. It will happen. I will get there. I will feel satisfied.

Tune of the day, it came on shuffle on the way home and has been stuck in my head since. Great tune to have on your head. Lovely lyrics. Lovely music. Lovely xx.

Night time, sympathize
I’ve been working on white lies
So I’ll tell the truth, I’ll give it up to you


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