Now tell me all your fears, I’ll be your greatest fear…

I still remember your voice, it turns my blood cold
The kids are fast asleep, keep them fast asleep
Your soul still haunts these walls, like Taxidermy

Tune of the day, a wonderfully creepy song by one of my favorite bands. I discovered them through a friend about two years ago, and it was so different from the music I listened to back then. It fits perfectly in my current music library though. I’m going to see White Lies the last day of february, and I honestly can’t wait. I ache for the rush of raw emotion only hearing music you love live can evoke. I’ve experienced it twice in my life, and I have to say there hasn’t been situations where I’ve even come close to feeling like I do on concerts. I strive to feel that as many times as possible in my life, because to me – that’s living.

There’s no kiss of life, so baby don’t pretend
With your heart in your throat and a gun to your head
You can burn the money in the fireplace
You keep on telling white lies to the little kids
I think it’s time they knew just what it means to live
Now burn your parents in the fireplace 

Love & basilisks

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