Corsets and magic


I’m currently reading one of the best series I’ve ever encountered, and felt like I had to mention it here, for the sake of humanity. What is the name of this, seemingly brilliant, series, you ask? Answer: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. This might not tell you much about the story, but let me tell you – it’s of epic proportions. The book is about Gemma Doyle, a redheaded english girl who lives in India, that is forced to move to England and attend Spence Academy, a boarding school for girls, when she witnesses her mother face a horrible, yet mysterious, death. Although Gemma is devastated over her dear mother’s death, moving to England is what she has always wanted. At Spence, Gemma meets a couple of very interesting girls, Penelope, Ann and Felicity, who she later comes to form strong friendships with. This would be the life Gemma always dreamt of, if it weren’t for the strange things that are in the way. After her mother’s death, Gemma starts having visions, these suggest that the incident wasn’t of the conventional kind. Together with her friends, Gemma eventually finds out that her mother was a part of the Order, a group of women who preformed magic and manage the Realm, a secret world full of creatures that you’d normally only encounter in fairy-tales and possibilities you wouldn’t imagine. They also find out that Circe, a member of the order who’s gone bad, is trying to take over the world. and it’s the girls’ job to stop her. As if this wasn’t enough, Gemma finds out that it’s actually she who holds the power to the magic. The fate of mankind is essentially in the hands of her.

The books are called A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing, and are written by Libba Bray. I absolutely adore them, partly because they’re beautifully written, but mainly because they contain all of the themes I treasure in fiction: Secret societies, unrequited love,  fantasy, magic, friendship, drama, adventure, alternate worlds and many more things…oh and one more thing, it takes place during the late nineteenth century. Yep, you heard right, it’s fantasy mixed with corsets and courting. This could easily turn into a mess, but if executed in the right way, it could be genius…which is exactly what these books are. Genius. I love it.

Love & emeralds

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