Here’s to the fast times, the times we felt alive; to all the nights that we forgot to get back home.

I’m only writing this ’cause I feel like I have to write something today. I’m seventeen today and it feels…really anti-climatic. Not that I was expecting anything special today, but I had hopes. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, ya know? Yeah, so anyways, I didn’t get many “congrats” but that didn’t bother me. What did bother me just a bit was that this super popular girl (that I’ve never noticed…ever) apparently also had her birthday today, which is cool, but not when the a gazillion people are congratulating her. It was kind of like the whole school was poking fun at me. Good for her, I guess. Oh well, whatevs. The most disappointing part of the day is that I only had english lesson for half an hour…like, that was my only class today. Man, I could’ve had the day off. Oh, and I didn’t get to see Freckles today either. Big bummer. That’s a temporary nickname btw. Have to look on the bright side though, it wasn’t a horrible day. A funny thing is that I’ve now had two birthday tunes sung to me via text – Celebration and The Party Scene.  Kool and the Gang, All Time Low, poteytow, potahtow. Oh and I had a good hair day, which is rare. Another good thing…actually, awesome thing: I got MTV Rocks back again. Yayzers.

Mmkay, tune of the day, hopefully the coming year will be more like this song. 17 feels like a big one, I should make the most of it.

Stay seventeen, I guess

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