Life is like a super-mega-über-deluxe version of Chronon

So, I was thinking about everything and nothing, same ol’ same ol’, the other day and I came up with a theory…about life. DUN DUN DUUUN. Anyways, I think that life is like a humongous game. Now, don’t start rolling your eyes at me yet, I don’t mean any game. I mean like one of those games where you have to do a shitload of things in a certain order and if you do everything just right, something awesome will happen. Have you ever played a game called Chronon? You’re supposed to click certain things in a certain order at different time sets in, like, a…creature’s house and at the end, turns out it’s his birthday. If you’ve done everything right, he gets a cake. Funny creature. Anyways, it’s really complicated, and I mean really complicated. I think that every person’s life is like a Chronon and all of our Chronons intertwine to form the Ultimate Chronon or something. The cake is us, at the end of our lives, actually having lived to our full potential and being satisfied with how we’ve turned out. And in the game, even if you don’t succeed in making the cake, you can still have done pretty good, I mean the creature cries or something but whatever, but you can also fail miserably. That’s exactly how it is in real life, most of us do okay and many just go down the drain. Hardly anyone manages to make the cake and hey, let’s be real here, hardly anyone will probably reach “nirvana” or whatever. That’s the kinda sad part though, I couldn’t win the game no matter how hard I tried and even though I got pretty far, I just couldn’t let go of the fact that there was something better that could be achieved. So I cheated. I googled it and found a step-by-step run-through of how to win the game. How did you think it felt when I saw that creature smiling? It didn’t feel good at all, knowing that I just phonied my way through with the help of someone who actually did it all by him- or herself. That’s the way it is with life too, we’re greedy and always want the best, which can be good, but then we get so desperate we start faking ourselves through it. Then, when we reach the top, we realize it’s stolen. We don’t feel satisfied at all, instead we feel empty. I mean, who knows? I might have been able to make that goddamn cake after that 323494 try. Now I’ll never know.

You can play Chronon here. I’m warning you though, it’s a real brain tickler and will probably take you a while. Very challenging. Ofc, some people love a good challenge, like yours truly.

Tune of the day, simply because it sounds like it belongs in a game, which is never wrong:

The Postal Service – Brand New Colony

Love & Grapes

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