(Probably) The best day/night of my entire life so far.

I know I said I’d write about Epic Thing no. 2, but I really can’t. Remember that I told you it was going to be epic? Well, it wasn’t. It was so much more. See, that doesn’t even cover it. I seriously can’t even begin to try to explain how big this is, so writing about it is futile. Another thing that has altered me fundamentally, nice how I’m starting to realize it now and I know that I won’t forget this. Ever.

PS. This vague as fuck post probably doesn’t entertain you at all, but it’s in cases exactly like this one that I stress (mostly to myself) that this blog is for me.

Tune of the Day: Every single fucking song ever made by a band that…well, let’s just say it’s important, whose name abbreviated consists of the same letters as a certain city in the States. Annoying? Yeah I know. Admit that you love it. No? Well, maybe it’s just me then…

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