Forgive me, I’m trying to find my calling. I’m calling at night…

RAMBLING ALERT! Just thought I’d warn ya, it’s confusing as hell. 

I wonder if it really is possible to move on when you lose your true love…or, at least who you think is your true love at the time. Some people think that you just have to move on…and they do. Pretty successfully. Is that really true love though? Some feel like dying, like they can’t ever be okay again. Is that all in their head? Are you weak if you don’t even try to move on, strong if you pretend that it never happened? Maybe it depends on the person. Is there really only one true love? I mean, I think that’s the case, but you can’t ever be sure, right? And sometimes you hear about people being with someone, thinking that he/she is the one, but then later find their true “The One”. Is it really that easy to confuse the two? Is it just a difference between infatuation and love, or can that be true love too?  In that case, in what way? I mean, it’s not like you love a friend, but still not as deep as the love you feel for your soulmate. Or maybe it is? That was a whole lot of questions, a few half-assed theories…and zero fucking answers haha. I feel like that’s always the case with me, or probably people in general, you never know anything for sure. At least not about the things that go on in the head…or heart, I guess.

Tune of the Day now. A lovely, but sad, song by the band mentioned in previous post. Thank you D for introducing me to their…I don’t know what the hell to call it hahaha, it’s awesome though! (Oh, and for not being anal about keeping good bands secret. Because what have we learned? That’s right boys and girls: sharing is caring. LOL. No, but you know what I mean). Here it is:

All Time Low – Remembering Sunday


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