We are beautiful, we are doomed.

Art made by the amazing Deviant To-fu. I love the way she manages to make it look like there’s a film over their eyes. Makes them look clouded, like they’re there, but yet, they’re somewhere else. They are beautiful, and judging by their confident superiority à la Looking for Alaska (read it btw, Holden incarnate), they may very well be doomed.

Tune of the Day, to continue in the “live hard, die fast” lines. I’ve always been drawn to stories about teenagers being on top of the world, having everything, and then in the end crashing…hard. There’s something about the Tragic Adolescent that fascinates me:

Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

I cannot emphasise enough that my body
Is a badly designed, poorly put together vessel,
Harbouring these diminishing, so-called ‘vital organs’
Hope my heart goes first,

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