Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder

(Snatched from the OCMD)

I saw these pictures and found them so freaking adorable that I just had to post them, no credit to me though. Even though I’m not 100 % sure I understand them I think they’re sweet and not to mention perfectly random. I will certainly patiently wait for the next part. Because there’s got to be one…right?

Anyways, while I’m at it, I might as well recommend the website itself: the ocmd. It stands for the Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder and as you can tell, it fits me to a tee. This is a great source for indie music, they always put up the newest music on the underground scene and covers big events, such as SXSW, which I wanted to go to sooo fucking badly, as well.I don’t know what I’d do without this site, I’d probably have no fucking clue as to what is going on right now.  Yeah, so check it out. Cause it’s great.

Mellow out dudes


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