The sand, silvered, carries the moon on its shoulders…

I’m still reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and I come across so many lovely parts, especially descriptive ones. Here’s one I just read, and just to remind you, I’m not reading it in English so my translation may be a little sketchy.

>>Only a few realize how meaningless it is to chase after the answers to the big questions in life<< Dad said once when he was in a whiskey mood. >>Everyone has their own erratic and unpredictable agenda. If you just have a little patience and don’t stress them, they’ll throw themselves at you when they’re ready. And don’t be surprised if you’re completely stunned into silence afterwards and little cartoon birds chirp around your head.

Even though this is a conclusion I’ve reached to myself, and many times at that, I still ponder over the meaning of my life. I know the only thing you can do is just let life take you where it may but I still can’t help trying to know everything in advance. I guess it’s my nature. Or maybe it’s in our nature as humans.

Tune of the day, the epitome of feelings only a song can evoke and describe. Words are sometimes lacking, but music always fulfill it’s purpose:

Minus the Bear – Pachuca Sunrise

Mellow out dudes

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