I’ll put a spell on you and when I wake you, I’ll be the first thing you see. And you’ll realise that you love me…

Seriously Kicks, what is up with the Zorro-mask? You never seize to confuse me…astound me…amaze me. And why in the world would you colour your hair? I mean it looks good like this, like really good, but it was perfect the way it was…you are perfect the way you are. I just wish that you’d notice me, maybe not the way I notice you, but just notice me at all. Every time I think of you, I have to chastise myself, it’s so, so wrong. You’re taken, you’re older and you barely know I exist. It’s seems that my brain, or rather my heart, is too fucked up to care about those things. The thing that really frustrates me is that my brain doesn’t seem to want to process (and accept) the fact that you’ll be leaving soon, I only have a little over a month to see you and then you’ll be out of my life forever. That’s why I, instead of feeling giddy and joyous, feel really fucking bitter and heartbroken when I see those pristine, white hats. And despite all of this shit, somewhere in my heart, I have hope. Hope for me, hope for you, hope for us. If only you’d see me

Tune of the day, fitting as always:

Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful

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