I’m having trouble sleeping, you’re jumping in my bed. Twisting in my head. Leave me…

Word of the day: Insomniac

As most of you probably know, insomniacs don’t sleep. It could be due to some traumatic experience, in that case it’s either a physical problem, you can’t sleep, or you have bad dreams…like truly fucked up dreams. I think I read somewhere that you can suffer from Insomnia for no reason at all as well, like a fucking glitch in the brain or something.

Imagine how fucking hard it is to not be able to sleep, it would drive me mad. When I can’t sleep, all I do is think. Christ, think about what those people have to think about. If the lack of rest wouldn’t break me down physically, it sure as hell would fuck me up mentally. Yeah, there are pills, but obviously something’s wrong with you and I honestly don’t think that you should drown the symptoms. Fortunately, there’s probably psychiatric treatment involved in all of those cases, so the person’s completely cured.  But still, what if it’s not due to some experience? If it’s purely a physical thing. I would be so freaking frustrated that I’d have to ruin the only peace I get with fucking medicine. That’s not even sleeping, that’s getting knocked out. It’s like artificial rest, you don’t get the bags under the eyes, but your mind is still a jumbled mess. At least, this is what I imagine it’s like. But ofc, I can’t really know, since I don’t have any personal experience. It’s obviously a serious issue. To sum this shit up: Insomnia seems to be a real fucking pain, and that’s an understatement.

Tune of the day, to fit in with the theme:

The Perishers – Trouble sleeping

Be safe

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