Alice in Wonderland

Hello my non-existent readers,

guess what I did today? Cue awkward silence, crickets chirping etc. I finally saw Alice in Wonderland today! I know it’s weird that I haven’t seen it before now, since I’m like completely obsessed with everything Alice-related, but I’ve saved myself since I promised my childhood friend that I’d see it with her. Yeah, anyways…So, what did I think of it? I FREAKING ADORED IT OFC! I wouldn’t have accepted anything less, what with it being produced by the genius that is Tim Burton and all. Not to mention the fact that this blog practically is a Wonderland shrine. I saw it in 3D, to get the complete effect, and it honestly was like…I don’t know, like an eye-orgasm that lasted for an hour and like fifty minutes. It was so awesome! The whole thing was so visually pleasing, everything from the effects, colours and omfg don’t get me started on the clothes. I don’t think the way I feel about this movie is healthy. I mean, I could write an entire separate rant on the Cheshire cat alone. And fuck, the Mad Hatter! Big Aw-factor there, and gosh, I got so many fanfic ideas with Alice/the Hatter. I literally started laughing out loud when I realized the patheticness of my thoughts. And another random thought, Johnny Depp friggin’ rocks at the Scottish accent, and he really pulled off the bipolar thing beautifully. I thought that the girl who played Alice was perfect for the part, she had that kind of unreal look and actually knew how to act, which is surprisingly rare for unknown actors. Biggest what the fuck moment of the film was when the Hatter broke into some kind of surreal, wacko dance. That made me laugh my fucking ass of and it also made me love the movie ten times more, cause at first it’s like “What the fuck was that? Do they know how nutty that looks?”, but then you realize, it’s Wonderland, ofc it’s fucked up, and then you’re like “That is freaking genius!”. As if that scene wasn’t enough, later in the movie, Alice breaks into the same dance, sans head-spinning, and then it just looks like some fantasy version of a crip-walk. Did I mention I love this movie? And I had the perfect company to watch it with too, every time me and my friend meet up we become like two giggling three-year olds. It’s like I’m stoned, I find the most stupid (I was about to write stupidest, hee hee) things hilarious. I’m pretty sure the world hates us when we’re together. But it’s fun, all the same. So…I liked the movie. Yah.

Tune of the day, that kinda matches the feel of me and my friend when we’re together: fucking silly…and awesome:

Weezer – Buddy Holly

Later dudes

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