Love is a mix tape: Life and loss, one song at a time.

Hello peeps,

I just wanted to tell you about a little gem I randomly found while wandering in the library. I was scanning the shelves and saw a title that sounded interesting, the book was called Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time. The name of the author was Rob Sheffield, who I (for some reason) knew was a journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine. I picked up the book and decided to give it a chance, since it had two of the things I live for: Love and Music. Well anyways, I read it…and I freaking loved it. He writes with a genuine feel of nostalgia and you really do feel like you were there with him, like you really were a music-enthusiast living your youth in the 90s who didn’t think very highly of yourself and just got your world turned upside down by a girl. One thing that made me fall in love with it is that every chapter is based on a mix tape he, or someone else in his life, wrote. Imagine all the stories he is able to tell, based on the memories attached to the songs. You see, the book is a memoire, so you know everything in it was really lived and felt by someone.  When I read some of the things about the girl he loved, I actually cried. Maybe it was the simplicity of the way he described it, or the fact that I knew that it was real, or maybe I’m just an over-sensitive fool, I don’t know. I just got it. Because when Rob lovingly describes Renee, I fall in love with her to. I fall in love with the way he puts her on a pedestal, her entire being coloured by his love for her. This combined with the obvious flashback made me fall in love with this book. And I will buy it, cause I’d be stupid not to. So, summa summarum, you should read it…really. Read it, and you’ll be touched too.

Tune of the day, by a band Rob saw for the first time with his Renee. They were amazed and, let me tell you, I am too.

Pavement – Spit On A Stranger

Peace, love and fucking music… the meaning of life.

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