What is a man’s life but a prelude to his death? And what is death but a long sleep, a most welcome forgetfulness.

Word of the day: Opheliac

According to the urban dictionary, an opheliac is someone who exhibits patterns of self-destruction. I’ve also read that an opheliac enjoys causing others, not to mention him or herself, pain. It’s not so much that the person lacks sympathy, it’s just that he/she would themself like get off on the pain or something and therefor, they find the fact that the people they are hurting don’t like it amusing. This is apparently a real condition that is connected with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

When I first read about this condition, I was fucking stunned. Cause that’s some really fucked up shit, and kinda interesting at the same time. Like it’s a chemical thing right? So that means something is wrong in the brain, what could possible be wrong (and why) that would make the person think on a completely different level than us “normal” people? I imagine it’s like not having a conscious, they don’t have anything in them saying something’s wrong, probably because they enjoy the pain when they feel it themselves so much. I reckon this kind of disease is extremely hard to cure, since it is in the brain. Yah, so I chose to write (and read) about this because it truly fascinates me. There is always more to learn about the human psyche, it’s like a mystery that will probably never be solved. I’m still going to try though…

Tune of the day:

Elbow – Red

You’re a tragedy starting to happen…

Be safe

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