Never being afraid of any deviation and Being intrusive and ignorant at best


It’s been a while since I wrote a real post, and the epic reason for that is that I’ve had nothing even remotely interesting to write. Not that that’s changed, but anyways. So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve become like best buds with the local librarians, so fuck yeah! They are really cool and I might get a job there, fingers crossed. I’d be the most awesome librarian in the world, forcing people to read the good shit and basically refusing to led them get the bad ones. Good times. I’ve seen a movie with a child-hood friend, that was…interesting. She’s a bit younger than me and it’s really fucking exhausting to try to steer her in the right direction when she hangs in the kind of circles that are into some really bad shit. She talks about group pressure and I fel just a little helpless. Oh well, maybe it’ll work out if I just keep in touch and try to hammer in some moral shit. And in the worst cases, I’ll just threaten with the “I’ll tell your mom!”. Ah, bulletproof reasoning. Or threatening. Whatever. I saw a really lame movie with her btw, I’m not gonna tell you the name, because…well, it’s embarrassing. But I was actually amused.  I’m great that way, shitty movies amuse me with their shittiness and this tends to make me laugh at moments that aren’t generally seen as funny. There are moments that have earned me som stink-eyes in the cinema, but that just makes me laugh harder. Cause I don’t give a fuck and the looks just add to the unintentionally funny situation. Or when the people next to you have really funny reactions, that is just precious. Oh and speaking of nothinh, I saw 10 things i hate about you a couple of days ago. Love that move. Suprising huh? Sometimes, it feels like we’re all just walking stereotypes… Yeah, so I’ll write when I have something good to write about. Or something in general.

Tune of the day I:

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Bad reputation

Just on a sidenote, I fucking hate fake bitches. A friend (or so I thought), comes to me and claims she’s changed. Stopped hanging out with the other ignorant shits and just wants to be herself, I say: Good for you. I find out (not from her ofc) that she’s tighter with them than ever and it’s like: What The Fuck? I mean, no one forced her to say that shit, and it really is’nt anything to me. But don’t fucking lie. She knows I don’t like them, but even so I don’t talk shit about them because I know they’re her friends and that shit isn’t respectful but don’t talk trash about them when it’s all fake! I’m sick of two-faced motherfuckers. Little piece of shit. Oh and btw, this is just me venting all my anger. I wouldn’t actually say this to her. Fuck no, it would break her. Still a little piece of shit though.

Tune of the day II (fucking fitting):

Taking Back Sunday – Liar (It takes one to know one)


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