Frustrations and vexations

I fucking hate Heathcliffe, I hate him. HATE SPINNERBAIT. Actually no, I can’t hate him. But I do hate the fact that i don’t hate him. What’s up with that? And I hate that the fact that he frequently uses that expression makes me feel all fluttery inside. What is up with him? He is one big fucking frustrating riddle and it feels like the solution will cost me my sanity. And maybe even my soul. He is evil, and I know it. Still I can’t stay away. Why am I so fucking idiotic? Do I enjoy pain? Maybe I really am masocistic, would be a damn better excuse than the one I have (a nonexistent one). Dazed and confused mofos, that’s what I am.

Fucking perfect tune of the day, as lost as I am:

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and confused

Life still motherfucking sucks and then you fucking die like an insignificant little piece of shit.

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