We are just misguided ghosts that travel endlessly, trying to find our place

Everyday I feel like I’m dragged deeper and deeper into the black void that is my life. I have my friends and family, but no one that really understands me. It’s not like I’m a fucking tortured soul who thinks and acts in a completely different way, I’m pretty easy to figure out, but it just feels like no one’s even trying. Like I really am an alien not even worth trying to communicate with. I’m surrounded by a shitload of people, but I’ve never felt more alone. This feeling gets worse some days and better other days, it’s funny how you (or at least I) feel lonely when you’re with alot of people but feel loved and safe when it’s just one person that sincerely lets me know he/she is there for me. This is probably just some teenage emoish shit and I know I’ll get over it, but still. I’m just so lost. Fuck.

Paramore – Misguided ghosts


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