Equations of the heart and It’s a hard part, but the true love way

Hi yall (again),

feeling a bit more optimistic now. Bloody brilliant quote below.

“Love is the square root of negative sixteen, 4i.
It’s what you know the number four is – prime, and unique, and the best.
But, there’s a twist.
It’s everything you think it is, but you have the i.
Love is imaginary.
It’s not something you can see.
It’s abstract, indefinable, and shouldn’t exist.
Yet, it does.
Against all odds, it’s there, waiting to be factored into a grander equation than the one it came from.
That, that is what love is.”

ze yellow dahlia

This qoute is so nerdy, cheesy and fucking uppity that it works haha. I think it really captures what love is all about. A big plus is also that the main character in it is one of my favourite mathematical mysteries: i. Imaginary number, what does that even mean? I mean, I get the part about some numbers not being able to exist. Like, if you take the square root of a negative number. Something times itself would have to equal that negative number but to get a negative number you have to multiply a positive number with a negative one, then the number would not have the same value and hence the impossibility. But I would rather call it that the number would enter another dimension or some shit, cause imaginary? Really? That just makes me think of an imaginary word like dooda or something, and then you put it somewhere. For istance, I want to put dooda right between four and five. Oh wait, that spot is already occupied by four point five. Drat! Maths and numbers are generally considered being a logical subject (not by me, I consider it to be one of the most abstract things on the planet) but imaginary number, among other things (ehem ehem pi) are completely illogical. That makes me happy, knowing that there really isn’t anything in this world that is logic. Whenever I think about imaginary number, I actually feel like I’m fucking high. Like trippy and philosophical and profound and just generally confused. What’s not to love?

Another tune:

Kings Of Leon – True love way

LSATYD (Still)

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