New year depressions and Counting on fingers

Ohoy mateys (again),

I know it wasn’t very long ago ( 3 seconds cough, cough) since I posted but since I discovered I actually had readers ( three, but still!) I felt the need to compensate my lack of updating by giving you (drumroll please)…MUSIC! No really, if it’s something I’m proud of, it’s my taste in music. I would put up all of the songs but I just (literally this second) thought of the brilliant (and very unique I might add) idea of putting up a new song with every post. That way I’ll make new readers come back begging for more every time they get a new good song (cue evil laughter). I know I’ve already given you a treat for the day but I’m feeling a bit generous to day, with it being the first day of a new year and all, so I’ll give you another one.

But speaking of the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your year be filled with shittiness and other awful things. No, I’m sorry, just feeling a tad bitter over the fact that another year has passed by without ANYTHING happening. I think I’m too much of a bore, in theory I’m all like “Go for it, you only live once, carpe diem!” (and other cheesy shitty things), but in practicality (dunno if it’s spelled that way) I’m like “Oh no, what would my mother say? What would he/she (mainly he) say? Think of the children!” Well, FUCK’EM ALL! This year I have decided that I’m going to stop being such a little chickenshit and live life! And gee, how cheesy doesn’t that sound? Seriously that’s the most common new years resolution, along with “I am going to be thin!”. Actually, I could use losing a few pounds. NO WAIT! I will stop with the bullshitting  (I feel bipolar right now haha), instead of trying to kidd myself and make promises I know I’m not going to keep I will make a wish to the big Chief. Wish to God: Let anything happen…ANYTHING to make my life a bit more exciting! Kthnxby. No but seriously, I am getting a bit desperate here, and I’m only barely sixteen and I’ve already reeched some sort of crisis, this is not good. Well, let’s look at it from a positive perspective here, glass half full not half empty, always look on the bright side of life blablabla…at least my life can’t get any LESS interesting? Honestly, that is a fact that I’m depending on right now, my life-line…fuck.

Here is the second treat of the day that I was writing about.

Catch ya later homies, seeing as this blog is the most exciting thing in my life right now. Yes, I do know I’m sad. Your point?

LSATYD (again)

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