Lovely deviations and Waking up monday morning, knowing that you’ve got to go to school.

Top of the morning to ya!

Today I’d like to share some of my favourite pics/drawings/paintings, all of which I found at the brilliant site called Deviantart. So, err…yeah.

By: Ramhay

Some people may think that this drawing is too “girly”, but to them I say: FUCK YOU! No, but seriously, I love the way the wings are drawn here. They’re kinda birdlike, but still not, and kinda like the “typical” angel’s wings, but still not. Fuck I don’t know, theyre just different haha. And I also love the way the hair seems to be slighty…levitating? Nah, I dunno but it doesn’ just hang there. Ofc I also love the way it seems as if the angel has been caught in her sorrow, as opposed of her “looking into the camera” if you know what I’m sayin’.

By: RohanElf

What’s not to love about this one? I mean, come on, it’s Corpse Bride ffs! I love the way the shadows are drawn, and maybe it’s a bit strange to focus on this but the piano, beautifully crooked. It’s also in this scene the most awesome piano duet is played, titled…The piano duet, couldn’t have guessed that one, could ya?

By: hannah-dora

I know I know, no more nagging about Wide Awake! But seriously, even you don’t like fanfics, would you say no to a dark Edward? Didn’t think so. Something about the broodyness and the I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude that makes me melt. I honestly adore this one.

By: lenity

It’s pretty obvious who this is supposed to be, Alice Cullen. I love the way this is painted because it looks almost like a picture but it’s so impecable at the same time. I love the hair, a much edgier and nicer spin on the pixie-cut. The eyes are also stunning, the artist said that this is supposd to be in the middle of her having a vision and fuck, she succeded in capturing that! 

By: katiebloo

Three words: Love The Eyes.

By: pixydream

I get an eerie, spooky feeling from this picture. Like it’s haunted. And you know everything freaky, I like.

By: Ninjatic

The last one now. This artist has done impossible possible, he has managed to make the Mad hatter HOT. I never thought I’d see the day haha. This painting is amazing, MAGICAL!

Tune of the day:

Belle & Sebastian – Expectations

Ciao for now,


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