Wide awake and inked futures

Howdy Homeskillets,

So, i feel that since all of you people care so much (not really, but still) I should tell you about the day I became a fanfic reader (don’t you judge me!). It all started with getting my usual fix of twi-news, aka. Twilightersanonymous, Twilightlexicon and Newmoonmovie (again, DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!) In the beginning of my fangirl-career it was a lot more than that, so I am actually satisfied with only having to check out three websites a day. The thing is, I am a total closet-fangirl. I mean I know it’s pathetic to be obsessed but I really love the twi-world. And I know it’s really pathetic to be all ROB! But that is one hot man, but I’m still not all HAVE MY BABY! It’s just that my fangirlness can and would be confused as one of those swoon-victims if I came out and told the truth. Anyways, so I checked out the websites  and someone commented about a forum called Thetwilight20somethings. This forum I was very conflicted on, On one side you should not be an obsessive fangirl at that age, but their conversations should be more well-substanced than your average 12 year old who writes: OME EdWaRd iz lyk ttly hawt! So, the pros outweighed the cons and I went on the site. On the site there was like a million threads, and some of them I really enjoyed. Then there was one category that was called fanfiction, and I was intrigued. I went in and discovered that was a whole fanfic universe parallell to the actual twi-one. The thread that had the most posts was about a fic called Wide Awake, so I thought: What the heck, might as well give it a shot. After the first chapter (which was fucklong btw, just the way I like it) I was fucking hooked. I read for hours and hours straight and it was fuckhard since my mother would causally check up on me (real subtle too) and interrupt me like every minute. When I finally was done I was flabbergasted, for the first time I was speachless. How the hell could a fangirl write a story that was so good, it rivaled with the original? Then I thought there must be more out there like this, so I started reading a fuckload more. I am still reading fanfics and WA isn’t technically finished yet (just an epilouge left). Honestly, though there have been some awesome ones, none of those other stories I’ve read have been as good as WA. But the author have written a couple of short stories too, and man does she have a gift! I am really surprised she hasn’t gotten published yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time. The concept of WA is stellar: fucked up girl meets fucked up boy, they have a whole lot of problems but get fixed in the end. And Edward is a badboy in the fic, which is just fuckawesome and hot as fuck. When I read the original Twilight books now Edwards seems like such a prude compared to all the other fanfic Edwards, like Tattward for example. Because you KNOW tattoos are hot, I get a tingly feeling in my stomach (no, not lower you sick perv) whenever I think about inked skin. The thing is, I want to be all covered up in ink, but there is a whole lot of shit in my way. The first thing is the fact that my mother is old-fashioned and thinks I shouldn’t cover myself up that way. Most of the time she’s really cool about it, like we watch LA ink and Miami ink and shit even London ink (that isn’t even that good), but when it comes to her only child she has the values of a hardcore catholic. The second thing is all of my friends and stuff would not appreciate me inked, and I know that sounds lame but it’s the truth, I care about what people thinks of me. So the whole situation pretty much sucks. But, of course, I have a plan. After high-school, I’m going to move far away for college. There I can get new friends who I can be myself with and my mother would be so far away she wouldn’t even know. I can just cover up whenever whe meet, it will be awesome. I would get like a sparrow behind my ear, an anchor on my arm, a cross on my arm, some wings on my arm, an anatomical heart on my arm, the portrait of a saint on my arm and some nice quote or something. Wow, that’s alot on my arm, luckily I have two. Another thing I plan to do is become a psychologist. Everyone in my family was pushing me to become a doctor, because apparently I’m so smart (which is complete bullshit, btw) that’s the only profession worthy of my attention. But eventually Mother realized that all the pressure was making me fucking miserable and she asked me for the first time: What do you want to do with your life? I told her, and she was acting shockingly cavalier about it. Though it probably had something to do with the fact that you earn a shitload of money as a psychologist. Anyways, this made me really happy. So that’s what I am going to be doing, helping people sort their shit out. I am actually really excited about it. Wow, my posts are really cohesive, don’t you think? Anyways, enough of rambling…for now anyways, or not. Just, whatever.

Goodness, I completely forgot to link to the actual story. Here you can read all the chapters of this fuckawesome fanfic and other stories by the same author. Don’t judge it because it’s based on Twilight, it’s actually a strong independent story. You don’t even have to have read the book to enjoy it, it’s completely different. Trust me on this, you will love it.


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