Secret societies and lucky unlucky days

Yo, yo, yiggidy-yo

So, I was watching the Jay Leno Show the other night (couldn’t sleep and it was either that or M*A*S*H…uugh MASH), what’s up with that anyways? He used to have The tonight show, which was legit and all but then BOOM, he has to settle for a day show with seats that obviously aren’t very comfortable (you can tell by the awkward, unnatural arch of Leno’s back). I mean who the fuck is the guy who got the show? Jimmy Kimmel? UNKNOWN! The only thing I knew about him before the show was that he fucked Sarah Silverman, and I barely know who she is! Leno’s the man, and he needs his old show back! But that was not the point of this post. So anyways, I was watching the show, Leno was discussing some boring shit with some unknown dude (no, it was not Jimmy Kimmel). I was just about to flip the channel when BAM! I hear the word secret. My mind has like a built in radar for intriguing shit, so suddenly I became all interested. That’s when they started talking about Freemasonry, it started with the term secret society and it only got better and better. When they mentioned Dan Brown, it turned me off a bit because I’m catholic and I actually liked the Da Vinci Code, which I had to confess to the priest and do a shitload of Hail Marys’ to make better. But then, they started talking about how a bunch of former presidents were a part of this secret society, who claimed to be more of a “society with secrets”. Random dude also told Leno about how they were rumored to have ceremonies that includes drinking blood, which is hella creepy. So, when the show was over, what did I do? That’s right, boys and girls, I WIKIED THAT SHIT! It turns out, anyone who believes in a higher power (Like God, not Big Brother) and is male (bullshit if you ask me) can join. Just like that, i lost interest. It’s like a bookclub for men who like to discuss their power over some scotch, big deal. Once again, Dan Brown had wasted my time. Then again, since they have so much powers, maybe they deleted all the interesting shit of the internet. No point in trying to find out the truth then. But then I started thinking about secret societies in general, THAT is some interesting shit. Imagine being a part of something bigger, being able to be with people who are like you, without anyone else knowing. That would be so fucking cool. I read somewhere that you have to be “tapped” (not like that, you sick perv) to get in to a secret society and apparently they are some slick bastards, no one on the outside could know. This made me want to be special enough on the outside for someone to notice me. But then again, I live in a fucking pit for a town so I doubt there is a secret society here. But how would I know? This drove me nutso for a while, but then I came up with a brilliant idea: Why don’t I start my own secret society? So I googled that and found out that you first had to come up with some kind of point. So I thought, why not have a society with people like me who act totally boring in real life but you just know there is something else entirely in there? So it would be called The Irregular Ones (hence the blogname) and then I could just start tapping people with mysterious letters and initiation-tests. That’s where the problem was found, who would I tap? I thought long and hard about that and only came up with one person, and he would probably not take it very seriously, whus my brilliant plan ended. So I’m stuck wanting to join a society but not knowing how, at all. I guess I just have to get good enough grades and a fuckload of money to get in to Yale, then I have to be cool enough to hang out with all the rich kids, and then maybe I’ll get tapped by Skull & Bones. Yeah…piece of cake.

On a lighter(or darker) note, today is Friday the 13th! People have been extra lame and paranoid today. On the opposite, I woke up well-rested (which is a rare case for me who sits up till 4 am re-reading the whole Twilight saga) and just felt that it was going to be a good day. Then it went really well on my math-test. I got the right answer on an A-level question, which is literally a first for me. So snaps for me! My Gosh, how weird am I? The only lucky day I have, is on a notoriously unlucky day. Oh well…I felt that the perfect way to celebrate would be to start a blog. So yeah, great start!



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